Relax and enjoy the highly innovative
steam bath systems from Condair

Nowadays, many hotels and health clubs offer spa facilities for the well-being of their guests and members:
A swimming pool, a sauna and more and more often even a steam bath or steam shower.
But also in private homes you can increasingly find steam baths, the benefits of which are simply unmatched.
At home, a steam bath cabin hardly takes up more space than a shower, and the steam bath generators from Condair can be adapted in performance and equipment exactly to your needs. In addition, Condair supplies
an entire system system of steam-generating components suitable for use in all types of of all types,
including full-scale spas.

Steam baths or steam showers

A steam bath or shower has a positive effect on our health. It relieves rheumatic pain and tension,
can immediately alleviate respiratory problems, softens the skin and activates the immune system.
Older people often find a steam bath more pleasant than a sauna, while younger people
appreciate the benefits after physical exertion.

Steam generation

At the push of a button, steam generation can be started and the cabin heated up.
The steam can be seen and felt through the fresh air circulating in the room.
The autosensitive control system adjusts the temperature to the
set point entered, increasing or decreasing steam
production accordingly, without the bather
being aware of it.

Aromatic stimulation

The effects can be enhanced by aromatic scents and colored light.
After ten to fifteen minutes in the steam bath,
you will simply feel reborn.
Condair offers a wide range of humidifiers specially designed for use in steam baths.

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