Drying and air humidification for the best aroma

Tobacco lovers know how important correct storage is for the quality of their tobaccos. Whether it is cigarette packs on display, pipe tobacco in an airtight container or high-class cigars in a humidor: Tobacco stored carefully at the optimum humidity will ensure maximum enjoyment.

This is the only way to enable it to maintain its full aroma and ensure that it doesn’t burn up too quickly when smoked.

Good cigars even improve in taste and quality if they are stored constantly at 68°F (20°C) and 70% relative humidity. Just like a good wine, tobacco improves in character and flavor with age. This is why tobacco producers and sellers have trusted the reliability of our air humidification systems for many years.

Tobacco must dry slowly

Due to a slow drying process, the cell life in the tobacco leaves remains vital for a long time, as do the chemical processes in the cells necessary for fermentation (cell respiration).

When the leaves are dewatered, components such as protein, starch and leaf pigment are broken down. This decomposition process must take place in leaves that are largely intact so as not to lose the quality of the aromas.

The drying process can take up to two months and requires a constant temperature and humidity.
Storage of raw tobacco
Display / sales area
Storage of cigarette paper
Storage of filters

Condair quality

Our customized systems offer professional solutions for air humidification and dehumidification for the size and conditions of each individual room.

Because professional planning is the basis for functional quality and energy efficiency, we are happy to assist you right from the planning phase.