MesseTurm Frankfurt

MesseTurm, Frankfurt

Frankfurt’s Trade Fair Tower is one of the city’s most striking landmarks. When it was completed in 1991, it was the tallest building in Europe at a height of 256.5 meters. It was designed by the architect Helmut Jahn in the style of the Art Decó skyscrapers of the 1930s. The facade is made of polished red granite and is intended to symbolize prosperity, creativity, and innovative spirit.

In the upper tower area, the cylindrical structure merges into a three-story pyramid. This pyramid top contains parts of the building services and is not accessible to tenants or the public. Condair’s ESCO series compressed steam distribution systems ensure precise and hygienic air humidification.


Pressurized steam distribution system

Condair ESCO

Condair ESCO humidification systems for existing steam set the standards. The key element is the TÜV (German Technical Inspection Association) certified steam connection unit. The functional elements are fully integrated into it, in a design that guarantees fault-free steam connection.

Costly seals and pipework are superfluous. Installation is calculable, quick and cost-effective. The modular steam distribution system with its patented steam nozzles needs no jacket heating. This effectively prevents unnecessary energy consumption even during downtimes. All seal points are included in the factory delivery. This simplifies the entire equipment installation significantly without running the risk of leaking pipe connections.

Further information on the Condair ESCO

Patented rotary disk valve

The valve operating mechanism is designed as a rotary drive, supplying high accuracy and reliable operation. The low actuating forces needed by the rotary slide valve and the direct power transmission allow for a compact and space-saving design. Conventional electrical and pneumatic humidity controllers can be connected.

The ceramic valves close with absolute tightness. When the system is switched off they prevent steam from entering the ventilation system and they do this without any additional shut-off device. Undesirable condensate buildup is thereby safely prevented without additional measures.

Condensate-free steam with
patented center-flow nozzles

The patented steam nozzles remove steam only from the main flow of the distribution pipes where the steam is hot and condensate-free. In this manner they ensure that the air hoses behind the distribution system remain dry. Made of solid stainless steel, they work reliably, are long-lasting and resistant to aging, and do not leak.

Homogeneous steam distribution
and shortest humidification distances

The patented steam nozzles remove steam only from the main flow of the distribution pipes where the steam is hot and condensate-free. Short humidification distances are decisive factors for reliable and hygienic steam humidification. In air conditioning systems there must be no vapor in air pipe installations. Damp surfaces, water accumulation and hygienic risks would be the consequence.

Condair ESCO DL40
The DL40 can be tailored flexibly to the air duct system using one, two or three horizontal steam distributors. This means considerable freedom in steam output and constructive design of the humidification chamber.

Condair ESCO DR73
The DR73 is always the best choice, whether you are going for the highest steam outputs or shortest humidification distances. The steam distribution system is individually designed around existing requirements and structurally tailored to the installation situation. The two-sided steam discharge on the nozzle assemblies allows homogeneous steam distribution over the entire cross-section of the air duct.

PDF / Brochure: Condair ESCO Pressurized Steam Distribution System